CONSULTATIONS - What to Expect

Initial Consultation
In order to gain an in-depth insight into the health concern you are experiencing, a detailed health assessment is required to search for the underlying cause/s and aggravating factors.  Relevant physical examinations alongside a series of questions relating to presenting symptoms, personal and family history, and diet are used both from the consultation and intake form.  Referrals for further testing or investigations may also be included if required. 
Although some treatment will be offered after this initial consult,  a full treatment plan is prepared and presented in an extended follow up consultation.
Duration:  90 mins

Cost: $110

Extended Follow Up Consultation
Extended consultations are required for the delivery of a treatment plan and discussion of testing results.  These consultations are also required for new health concerns.
Duration: 45 mins.

Cost: $80

Standard Follow Up Consultation
These consultations include a review of progress, coaching and support, and adjustments to the treatment plan.   After the initial treatment goals have been achieved, a maintenance consultation every 3  months is advised for sustained  wellbeing.
Duration: 30 mins

Cost: $65


Acute consultations

A quick 15-minute consultation for conditions such as colds, flu, viruses, immune support, hay fever, or gastro recovery.  This is not a full consultation and only deals with the presenting symptom.   An initial consultation may be recommended for those with more complex issues. This service is only available for online consultation, with prescriptions received mostly overnight.

Duration: 15 mins

Cost: $20

*Mobile services may also available in the local area, however different rates apply.