“Kokoro” is the Japanese word which refers to the connection between the body, mind and spirit.  To me, nurturing the ‘kokoro’ is the foundation of naturopathy.

As a qualified naturopath my approach to health is using evidence-based medicine alongside traditional medicine to treat a range of conditions.  I look for the root cause of ‘dis-ease’ or ‘dis-order’ through a holistic lens, seeing how all the body systems,  along with our food choices, genetics, lifestyle, and environment interact to impact upon our health, and our own “Kokoro” .  

I believe that a good diet, restorative sleep, fresh air, and exercise are the pillars of good health.  However there are times when the application of herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, flower essences and practitioner support is required to facilitate healing and restore balance and vitality. This is where I can help.  I’m passionate about educating, supporting and empowering my patients on their health journey both in the short and long term.   

I work collaboratively with GP’s, specialists and other health professionals if an integrative approach is required to reach your health goals and treatment needs, and I will refer to medical professionals if further investigation is needed.

I enjoy working with all conditions, ages and stages,  however my special interests include:

*  Stress, anxiety and sleep issues

*  Women's Health

*  Pediatric Health for the Infant, Toddler, Child and Teenager.